Contact Information

Manchester Middle School

231 W. Perry Street

Manchester, Georgia 31816

Phone Number: (706) 846-2846

Fax: (706) 846-8242

To contact a teacher, please leave a message with the office staff OR use our staff directory to find their e-mail address. To contact office staff or administration please use the following extensions:


Josette Brown, Principal, ext. 1022

Yvonne Sellers, Assistant Principal, ext. 1022

Pam Kerr, Secretary, ext. 1022

Angela Burke, Secretary/Clerk, ext. 1021

Randy Gibson, Counselor ext. 1025

Shannah Mabry, Instructional Lead Teacher, ext. 1028

Gaye Todd, Nurse, ext. 1029

Lillian Parks, Cafeteria Manager,  ext. 1033

Lucille Leonard, Media Specialist, ext. 1034